About our safety
shackle nuts

We recently developed a shackle safety nut that not only improves safety, it also reduces failures of shackles and other locking mechanisms. The purpose of this device is to make it easy to install shackles at height with no tools other than your hands, and with redundant locking features that ensure the likelihood of the shackle nut vibrating loose is much less than a traditional threaded nut and cotter key arrangement.

Some of the attributes of this shackle safety nut are:

  • improve safety and reduce failure of shackles and other locking mechanisms.
  • installed with no tools and removes concerns around the use of undersized cotter pins.
  • redundant locking mechanisms are designed to prevent unintended back-off.
  • fits all existing Crosby 4-part safety shackles – simply thread the safety nut onto a genuine Crosby shackle pin.
  • does not change the shackle load rating.
  • all components are designed for harsh environments with material certification documents available

DEIS Shackle Safety Nut Product Compatibility

DEIS Shackle Safety Nut – Uninstall Instructions